Tancook Island Cabbage


Rare heirloom cabbage for storage & legendary sauerkraut.

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An extremely rare local heirloom. Tancook Island Cabbage was continuously grown on Big Tancook Island in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia since the seeds were first brought there by German settlers in the 1700s. This long season robust, round, green head-cabbage is primarily known for its storage capability and for making sauerkraut- spawning the Tancook Island Sauerkraut industry that thrived on the island for a century. Tancook Island Sauerkraut is part of Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, highlighting its regional significance. This cabbage is unique and definitely worth growing! Start seeds in mid-late April for fall harvests. Approx. 25 seeds per packet. **Please note: our grow outs continue to have low germ rates due to summer heat affecting the cabbage blooms. But this variety is very worth growing, and the seeds that do grow are stellar. So we offer them to you – expect 25 viable seeds per packet, although you’ll count many more.