Yonder Hill Farm is Garrett & Chris, with children Ruth & Joyce, on a heritage homestead located on Nova Scotia’s beautiful South Shore. We’ve been growing seed commercially since 2009 – we established Yonder Hill Farm in 2012 – and believe it’s an important way to support food security & food producers. We grow close to 200 varieties of vegetable, grain, flower, & herb seeds, all by hand & ecologically. We sell only what we’ve carefully grown ourselves, which means we can assure high quality seeds for your garden.

We are a family farm… & that means we do it all!

– planting, tending, & harvesting the seed garden
– processing & packaging our seeds
– website & customer service

We know our seeds intimately & rely on them for the bulk of our own homestead food production.  We hope you love them as much as we do.  Happy planting!

~ Chris, Garrett, Ruth & Joyce
PS. We’re expecting another family member in February or March – thanks to some good friends & family we’ll be keeping up on seed orders, but expect some delays in customer service at some point when Chris is in labour!

Browse our seeds online, find us at Seedy Saturdays & Farmer’s Markets in the winter & spring, and look for our retail seed racks at a number of local hot spots. We are also proud growers for Annapolis Seeds, a Nova Scotian Seed Company selling 100% Maritime Canadian Grown Seeds.

We accept interest in apprenticeships or farm stays May-October!  Please get in touch for more details.

Interested in learning more about seed saving or other gardening/homesteading topics? Chris has given lectures & led workshops at beginner & advanced levels for garden clubs, farmers, home gardeners, universities, conferences and the general public.

Garrett is a skilled craftsman & artist, who creates and fixes our farm tools. To learn more about his custom work, get in touch!