As authentic small scale seed breeders, we are committed to producing high quality seeds and we guarantee our seeds as fresh & viable at the time of purchase.  We germ test/field test all of our seeds regularly and know our varieties intimately.  “Viable” means germ rates above 75% unless otherwise noted in variety description.  Read variety descriptions for viable seed counts per packet and additional information regarding germination and/or aesthetic considerations like seed appearance & chaff.

We produce & process all of our seeds ourselves, with the final stages of seed cleaning primarily done by hand.  Some types of seeds are very difficult to get fully clean, so you can expect small amounts of chaff in some seed lots; this does not affect packet seed counts – simply plant the chaff along with the seeds for added organic matter!

While we double and triple check orders as they go out, we are human and shipping errors are possible – if it happens, let us know and we’ll do our best to rectify the order.

We cannot guarantee delivery in good condition, as once we ship orders they are out of our control.  Choose the tracking option for better Canada Post accountability if your shipment is damaged or lost.  If your shipment is damaged or lost, contact Canada Post.

Should you experience a problem with our seeds in your garden, we’ll try to help you trouble shoot what went wrong– simply Contact Us.  There are many variables that can impact seeds sprouting in real world conditions!  We will gladly send you more seeds to try if it’s feasible for us to do so.

If we’ve made a mistake with your order or determined that there is a problem with a seed lot and you’d prefer a website credit or refund, let us know.

We cannot guarantee our seeds’ viability after storage.  As is customary in the seed trade, our warranty is limited to the price of the seed package, and not any resulting crop.

Please keep in mind that farming & gardening have many inherent risks, and that we are a small family farm working very hard all year round to contribute to Canadian seed security.

We welcome feedback of any kind; please let us know how our seeds grew for you!

You can also leave us a testimonial here.