Welcome to Yonder Hill Farm!

Our collection of ecologically grown seeds is now updated for 2020! By buying our seeds, you are not only supporting small scale regional seed production, you are getting high quality, spray-free, non-GMO, open-pollinated/heirloom, and sometimes rare seeds- all adapted to a homestead garden. We hope to become your trusted source for high quality garden seeds!

We are genuine Seed Producers: we are not a Seed Company that buys and resells corporate commodity seed. We’ve been growing and breeding our seeds commercially for over 10 years. We only sell seeds that we’ve produced ourselves in our fields and garden, and all of the pictures you’ll see on our website were taken from plantings of our seeds, mostly at our farm, including variety profile pictures! The small scale of our production allows for rigorous breeding, and our homesteading way of life means that we grow varieties that perform for us in the garden and in the kitchen.

Look for other farm products and crafts to be offered as available.  Gift certificates are now available.  Thanks for visiting!