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watching life grow through your seeds

Hi there! I just wanted to reach out as I started growing tomatoes last growing season (2022) and used your seeds. Beginner’s luck gave me a 50% germination rate and a lovely start to vegetable gardening. This year, w/ more love & knowledge about growing, my seed germination success rate was a grand 100%, which left me w 130 baby tomato seedlings – an abundant tomato farm if you will. Amidst living off grid without access to water I was happily forced to gift some away and was left w 70 beautiful tomato plants! Despite this year’s weather, it’s been a privilege to get to watch life grow through your seeds. I just wanted to thank you, i’m already excited for next year🌾🍅🌱🌞

Megan Charly Green
Nova Scotia

Never been disappointed

I have been buying seeds from you for four or five years and have
never been disappointed. Thank you!

Middle LaHave, Nova Scotia

Seeds from a local farm

Our family is relocating to Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia from Northern Ontario. We wanted to order our seeds from a local farm and came across Yonder Hill Farm. Their website was easy to order from and we received our order only 5 days after placing it! They even gave us an extra pack of seeds as a gift. We love the seed packaging and can’t wait to start our garden this year at our new home.

Tyler Catteau
Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia

As soon as I saw

As soon as I saw my seeds, I had a feeling that they came from plants that had been grown with care – I was further convinced by the 100% germination rate and the fact that, despite the worst growing season we’ve ever had here, the corn and beans we grew from those seeds thrived and produced a lovely crop! Thank you so much for providing such great seeds; and service, too!

Vancouver Island

Best Seeds

Last year was my first at an attempt to gardening so I ordered seeds from various companies to test out. Yonder Hill seeds produced the best veggies by far, prefect and beautiful and so delicious! Can’t wait to get my new order in now that I’ve found a trusted seed company!!

Nikki Knetsch
Rockabye Interiors
Waterloo, Ontario


I am a lazy and neglectful gardener and Yonder Hill seeds turn into plants that thrive despite me. It’s amazing!!

Mahone Bay, NS

Yonder Hill seeds grow delicious and satisfying harvests!

I only dabbled at gardening until two years ago when I felt the urge to get serious about it. The seeds that I have gotten from Yonder Hill have resulted in very satisfying bumper crops of delicious vegetables. Even though I’m figuring things out as I go along and making tons of mistakes, I am still being rewarded with high germination rates, robust plants and high productivity. Plus, everything tastes SOOOOO good. Yonder Hill clearly select their varieties for flavour and only grow the very best. I especially recommend their butternut squash (sweet with a creamy texture) and their Amish Paste tomatoes (which make thick and rich tomato sauce and tomato paste). All of the seeds I’ve gotten from Yonder Hill have exceeded my expectations and have been forgiving of my inexperience. Working with Yonder Hill’s seeds has been an important part of me feeling encouraged to continue gardening, and that is a great gift. Thank you!!! (I’m attaching a picture of a small fraction of my Amish Paste Tomato harvest.

Alex Hickey
South Shore, Nova Scotia

My newest ‘goto’ place for seeds

I came across the website for Yonder Hill Farm just browsing the internet in my timely search for pimento seeds. This pepper was new to me and I wanted to try growing it to add as a flavour to recipes that have recently caught my eye. I cannot speak highly enough of their willingness to answer questions about growing. I certainly appreciated the expertise imparted and knowledge that was shared. I ordered not just the sweet pimento seeds but also decided on the Napoleon green pepper seeds. Ordering was quick and delivery was fast. The seeds did not disappoint. All that I planted germinated rather quickly and the yield is already amazing. Exceptional customer service! I highly recommend Yonder Hill Farm and plan to be a returning customer.

HRM, Nova Scotia

Seeds and other things

I have to say thank you for the great seeds that I got for my garden of vegetables. I never lost one, they all grew. The service to get them to me was prompt. Then I asked about asparagus and between myself and Yonder Hill, we tried something with Yonder Hill sending me Asparagus Crowns through the mail. It was a trial thing to see how they would do. EVERY CROWN grew. I had some set aside for someone else but they never got them and even after two weeks kept in the fridge they ALL grew. I have asked many questions as well and always get an answer so that helps a lot too.
Thank you Yonder Hill Farm, you are much appreciated!!!!!

South Mountain, Dalhousie, Nova Scotia

I grow my own botanicals

I grow my own botanicals and additives (calendula, spinach etc) for my soaps, and this year I opted for locally grown and harvested seed from Yonder Hill Farm, a stone’s throw away. And by golly – I should have done this all along! Yonder Hill Seeds did not disappoint, the germination rate was the best I have ever experienced. Their calendula blooms are stunning, and the amount of seeds per package was fantastic. These folks know seeds, they are all you’ll ever need for your gardens.

Maggie Schofield
West Northfield, NS

Brazilian Snow Peas

We’ve had a mostly sunless summer with temps in low to mid-50s. We planted Dwarf Gray, and Yonder Hill’s ‘Brazilian Snow’ peas. Today, we harvested both peas with the Brazilian Snow producing a mature and robust harvest. Thank you Yonder Hill for carrying Brazilian Snow peas. Would like to buy again.

Petersburg, Alaska (Southeast Alaska)

You folks have the best garlic!

My Great Northern variety from 2 years ago is still going strong and was HUGE this year!!! You folks have the best garlic!

Johanna Hayes
Crousetown, NS

I always go to Yonder Hill first.

I love Yonder Hill Farm! They grow seeds of diverse heritage varieties and they do it with love. In my experience, their germination rate is almost 100%. Their seeds are locally adapted to the South Shore NS climate, so they are perfect for gardeners in this region. I always go to Yonder Hill first.

Caitlin Doucette
Bridgewater, NS

so kind and helpful!

Picked up our seeds for our first attempt at our garden! These folks are so kind and helpful! VERY knowledgable.

Jeremy Blue
Blue Rocks, NS

Thanks Yonder Hill for your great products!

My seeds started germinating less than 24 hours after I put them in seedling trays! It looks like this year is going to be even more productive than last year, when I ended up giving away a lot of food to friends as there was so much. Thanks Yonder Hill for your great products!

I was late planting this year in Halifax and Yonder Hill Farms were the only place I could find with seeds in stock, so I bought a set of seeds for everything they still had in stock. I had a roughly 85% germination rate, and some of the leafy greens (Mizuna and Butter Lettuce in particular) grew so fast and large that they out-competed the weeds and all I have had to do is water them as needed. I am providing around half of my family’s food from around 100 square feet of (mostly) containers and a raised bed. I am planning to purchase from Yonder Hill Farms in the future and have recommended them to all my friends, and would definitely recommend their seeds to anyone else in Atlantic Canada.

Steve Bromwich
Halifax, NS

I won’t be looking anywhere else for seeds any more

I live on a small homestead in Eastern Cape Breton. In 2020 I decided to try and source some seeds from a local grower as opposed to one of the larger more well-know suppliers in Canada.. As an avid amateur seed saver, my specific requirement was to find a supplier that supplied seeds that were 100% organic from their own farm. I had the incredibly good fortune to find Yonder Hill Farm!

I had made inquiries to a few suppliers in Nova Scotia. Chris at YHF got back to me right away and answered all my questions with a professional charm. I was able to make a snap decision to order from them immediately. Their website has a great variety and the photos accompanying the seeds are their crops, not stock photos – what you see is what you get. This level of trust is crucial in ordering seeds – you whole gardening year begins with seeds.

All their seeds come in attractive custom rustic envelopes. The seeds obviously carefully cultivated and expertly packaged. I felt very optimistic starting seeds inside and in my greenhouse in late March/early April. Chris tossed in a bonus package of Sunflower seeds – I have just the place to sow them – a warm and welcome surprise! The ordering process was straightforward and delivery was inexpensive and quick.

The real test with seeds is viability. I have started a number of tomatoes and peppers as well as turnips, and coriander. The germination rate has been incredible. I have planted what I need of these varieties and still have many seeds left over. Normally you have to do a second planting to cover what didn’t come up, but I don’t with these seeds. I can hardly wait to start the squash, zucchini and beans I ordered!
Overall I can simply state that I won’t be looking anywhere else for seeds any more. Period. Yonder Hill Farm is THAT good. Buy from them and you will see what I mean.
Happy Planting!
James MacKenzie
Framboise, NS


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