Laurentian Rutabaga



(B. napus)  Root crop enthusiasts have been asking us to produce rutabaga (a.k.a Swede Turnip) seeds for a number of years, and we are pleased to be able to offer them starting in 2024!  Laurentian is the classic Canadian heirloom, and our strain is especially uniform with round, tender roots – cream coloured inside & out with purple blushed tops.  Roots store so well during the winter in cold cellars, and are markedly sweeter than true turnips.

We were so intent on producing seeds that we forgot to take pictures of our bountiful 2022 root harvest (which resulted in our 2023 seed crop) – pictured for now are the succulent dark green tops, which are also yummy as a cooked green, in September 2022 and the bumper seed crop drying down in 2023.

Approx. 200 seeds per regular packet

Approx. 2000 seeds per bulk packet