Yonder Hill seeds grow delicious and satisfying harvests!

I only dabbled at gardening until two years ago when I felt the urge to get serious about it. The seeds that I have gotten from Yonder Hill have resulted in very satisfying bumper crops of delicious vegetables. Even though I’m figuring things out as I go along and making tons of mistakes, I am still being rewarded with high germination rates, robust plants and high productivity. Plus, everything tastes SOOOOO good. Yonder Hill clearly select their varieties for flavour and only grow the very best. I especially recommend their butternut squash (sweet with a creamy texture) and their Amish Paste tomatoes (which make thick and rich tomato sauce and tomato paste). All of the seeds I’ve gotten from Yonder Hill have exceeded my expectations and have been forgiving of my inexperience. Working with Yonder Hill’s seeds has been an important part of me feeling encouraged to continue gardening, and that is a great gift. Thank you!!! (I’m attaching a picture of a small fraction of my Amish Paste Tomato harvest.