Jubilee Tomato (formerly listed as Aunt Gertie’s Gold)


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AKA Golden Queen. Okay, so here’s an example of acquiring mislabeled seeds and then sleuthing for years to figure out the real variety name! When we created our website in the fall of 2018, we researched “Aunt Gertie’s Gold” and realized that what we had fallen in love with as a round and golden orange medium sized slicer, uniform and blemish free was definitely not truly “Aunt Gertie’s Gold” – and we couldn’t figure out for years what it was. UntilĀ  one day in early 2021 when the variety name Jubilee caught my eye (one of our dogs’ names!) and the pictures fit the bill. We grew out Jubilee and our strain of “Aunt Gertie’s Gold” to compare in 2021, and sure enough – mystery solved! Very delicious, one of our favourites for sandwiches and drying. Bred by Burpee Seeds in the 1940’s, this heirloom is a great choice for market growers and backyard tomato enthusiasts alike. Indeterminate.

Approx. 20-30 seeds per packet.