Cylindra Beet


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(a.k.a. Butter Slicer)  We’ve been wanting to produce seeds for this beet variety since we started growing it 20 years ago, except that got side-tracked (no regrets!) by saving seeds for another awesome heirloom beet variety, Lutz Green Leaf.  But… Cylindra is our first love when it comes to beets.  It grows quickly into its namesake shape, making it very efficient & easier to use in the kitchen for slicing, while retaining a tenderness & sweet flavour that make it ideal for all beet recipes.  It’s also an excellent winter keeper, with dark coloured skin & vibrant red flesh, and a unique Danish heirloom developed in the late 1800’s.

We were so intent on producing seeds that we forgot to do a glamour photo shoot of our bountiful 2022 root harvest (which resulted in our 2023 seed crop) – pictured for now are the replanting of roots for seed production in our greenhouse and the luscious tops, which make stellar beet greens, from early fall.

Approx. 80 seeds per regular packet.

Approx. 800 seeds per bulk packet.