Culantro Transplants


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All plants are for local pickup at our farm only in 2020. Transplants are grown from seeds produced on our farm, in certified organic potting mix blended with locally produced Bear Cove Resources Storm-cast Composted Seaweed.

Herb transplants will be available for pickup starting in late May.

4 plants per pot. AKA Shadon Beni. Not to be confused with Cilantro. Culantro is popular in Latin America and Southeast Asia, but almost unknown in Canada. The flavour is similar to Cilantro, but much more potent and complex. It also keeps its flavour in cooking and dries very easily. A few small leaves in a curry are enough to season the whole dish! The short plant (size of a small dandelion) is a tender perennial, which grows happily as an annual at our Northern latitude. Known as Shadon Beni in the English speaking Caribbean, culantro is native there and in central America. We encountered it while traveling and fell in love! A slow germinator, sow the tiny seeds in a flat and keep well-watered- and don’t give up! Transplant carefully to a well-drained area of your garden where you can keep an eye on the small plants. Harvest leaves as you wish and cut the whole plant before frost.