Basic Apocalypse Prep Garden Starter Pack


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Choose from our custom made resealable black ABS capsule (suitable for burial) or an ammunition dry box (please specify at checkout). Comes with basic Instruction Manual by Chris Shaw Sanford, M. Sc. for starting, tending, harvest and storing, as well as seed saving.
-Field Corn (makes excellent corn meal)
-Buckwheat (short season grain)
-Bush Dry Bean (really productive protein source)
-Manitoba Brown Soybean (high in protein and in yield)
-Lutz Green Leaf Beet (delicious and nutritious storage beet with tasty tops)
-Gold Ball Turnip (sweet and crisp storage crop)
-Winter Squash (excellent nutrients and stores long time)
-Heinz Paste Tomato (superb short season sauce tomato)
-Kale (robust and rich in vitamin/minerals)
-Arugula (shoulder season nutrients)