Ann’s Purple Seed Potato


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Sorry, our Seed Potatoes are out of stock in 2024 for online ordering due to low yields in 2023. Better luck next year! Local folks can reach out directly for smaller quantities of seed potatoes available for on-farm pickup or at our in person events.

This is one of the varieties that we picked up back in 2009 from Ann Naugler, a local pioneer in organic farming, as well as seed saving, here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.  It was one of her favourite varieties that she had been long growing (and lost the original cultivar name), and I’ll never forget how she cradled the potatoes lovingly in her hands.  This all purple variety reliably produces a multitude of small to medium sized elongated tubers with a dense texture and earthy flavour.  It is a very early cropper though we have found it more susceptible to scab than our other varieties.  Apparently purple potatoes are much higher in antioxidants that other potatoes, so between that and the beautiful colour on your plate, it is a great variety to add to your potato patch!

Seed potatoes ship in the spring when the potential for a hard freeze during transit in the mail is over – for us this is mid-April or so.  Please specify at checkout if you request a delay in shipment (until mid-May at the latest).  $4 per pound.